Tuesday, October 09, 2007

HERE WE GO.........

Not too long ago I asked a friend of mine to answer some questions for me about himself and such-there was and still is a reasoning behind it. So he answers my questions. I found some to be interesting and also found out that we have a few things in common.

So here my friend goes my answers:

What is your favorite color? Blue

Baseball or Football? Football

What team? Clemson Tigers

Favorite candy including chocolates? M&M's (plain) They melt in your mouth, not in your hands....

Favorite restaurant? Carolina Wings

Favorite food? Spaghetti and garlic bread

Favorite car? Candy Apple Red Ford Mustang (the older models of course)

Most favorite place you've been? Bahama's

What do you do for enjoyment when you're not working? I try to relax and do nothing-that's enjoyment!

Any hobbies? I like to stay involved with the church. It's very important to me. My children are also my hobbies.

Do you have a favorite author and book? Joyce Meyer-Approval Addiction

Favorite movie(s): Analyze This/That

Favorite music: soft rock, pop, blues, jazz, christian, 80's stuff and 50's & 60'S (old school)

Favorite band: U2

T-shirt and jeans or a suit? I prefer t-shirt and jeans and being barefoot in the yard. But if it calls for it, I can dress up nicely.

Traits that you notice in the opposite sex? Eyes-they are after all the window to the soul.

Long hair or short hair. Depends on who's wearing it...

What's important to you in a relationship? Trust

Who's your best friend-the person that you'd trust with your life? My husband

What do you dream of? Fulfilling my purpose in life and being happy and content with who I am-the person that God wants me to be.

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? Travel the world. I'm one for excitement and new things and places. It doesn't take much to amuse me. Europe would be a good place to start. I'd like to look up my ancestry there.

So my friend, enjoy my answers. Now I challenge my husband to answer these question.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Nothing In Particular

It's been a little over two months since I last blogged. A lot has happened in those two months. In December we moved back to the Columbia area-Leesville actually. We now live right around the corner from my grandmother which has proved to be a blessing. And visits with the children and such has resumed back to normal. I went back to work at NHC HealthCare. Todd eventually went back to work for Papa John's and is currently an assistant manager. I know that is something that he did not want to do and it wasn't for his lack of trying to get another job. It just seemed that nobody was interested in hiring him even with his qualifications. He went to many job interviews that went really well, just nothing ever came out of any of them. He was disappointed every time. While Papa John's is not a glamorous job, it is a steady paycheck and stability. Plus he could become a general manager soon which could be beneficial for us.

We had a quiet Christmas. All the children were with their other parents this year. First time that I've ever been away from my children at Christmas time, but it was okay. They were all with the other parent for a week. Even though Todd and I were working, it was nice coming home at times to peace and quiet-no children under feet, no homework or baths-just not use to it. I was always expecting to hear a child say "Mama-Matt won't leave me alone" or something to that effect. But it was nice to have "just me" time. A few days after Christmas we got together with some of our friends at Lori's mother's house. It was so nice to see all of them again. I met for the first time Ralph and his wife. They seem like good people-easy to talk to. Tim and Angela, Mike and his wife and of course James and Caryn Kirk. It's always a pleasure to see these folks. If I left anyone out-I apologize. I believe that is the only time that Todd and I ever have any real adult time with other adults-that's pretty bad. We should try to get together more than once a year.

So since then I've already been sick once and am currently feeling bad and it's just been about work, kids, taking care of Grandmama, trying to stay well, etc...same stuff day after day.

One last thing: My heart and prayers go out to our friend Jay whose Grandmother had a stroke. Thankfully it didn't do any damage. She has now relocated to a nursing home and I pray she's doing well. I pray for healing and good health for her.

Love to all!!!!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

He's Gone :-(

If you ever read my husbands blog some of you may know that he left to go to Wisconsin this morning. His grandmother had a massive stroke and is not expected to recover from it. He will be performing the funeral service for her when she passes. I would have liked to have been with him, but my son is having surgery next week plus I probably wouldn't have been able to find someone to stay with the other kids that long. Besides airline tickets cost a good bit. He made it to Wisconsin where Ben (his cousin) met him at the airport. They were going to drive onto Madison. Todd called when he got off the plane and said, "Now I remember why I don't live here anymore-it's COLD!" My honey will be gone for at least a week-Boo.....maybe longer. At least he was able to visit StarBucks Coffee at the Savannah airport.

I'm actually going to be by myself this weekend-yay-kids are going to their dad's house. So I can crank up the music if I want too without annoying them or my husband.

Even though this is a sad time for Todd, I really hope that he is able to enjoy being up there and spending time with his family. The Vicks are great people and I look forward to seeing them again. My prayers and love are with all of you. Todd, I'll see you when you get home. Relax and enjoy yourself too. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I love you.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Salute "The Vicks from Wisconsin"

My husband and I spent this past Labor Day weekend at Carolina Beach, NC with some of his family from Wisconsin. His cousin Ben got married and had asked Todd to perform the ceremony.

I met the Vicks on Friday and was very sad to leave them on Monday. Bob and Karen Vick are Todd's uncle and aunt. Bob is Todd's dad's younger brother. Bob and Karen have 3 children: Ben, Kim, and Mike. Ben is the one who got married on Sunday to Joneen. They have 2 daughters: Megan and Kaylynn-welcome to the family. Kim is married to Denis. They have 2 children: Joseph and Chloe. Mike's the youngest and is married to Kim. Brandon is their only child.

Ben is going to do real well with his new family. He's a sweet and great guy.

Kim is a trip. We had fun and got along well. Can you say "party"?

Mike is a cutie. He's sweet and fun too. Thanks for the dance Mikey. Looking forward to "hanging out" with you guys again one day. We'll get Todd to sing karoke again and just maybe Mike will finally talk me into singing too, since he "knows" that I can sing decently.

I was welcomed to their family with open arms. They are my kind of people. Laid back, affectionate, friendly, family oriented, etc...they know how to have fun. They're good people.

I want to thank them for making me feel very welcomed to their family. Thank you for the meals, drinks and fun. Our love to all of you. We miss you all already and we had a wonderful time. It meant a lot to Todd to be able to perform the ceremony and to be with all of you again. Thank you for that opportunity. Look forward to the next time.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I Was Country When Country Wasn't Kewl

Your Taste in Music:
Country: Highest Influence 80's R&B: High Influence 80's Rock: High Influence Hair Bands: High Influence Old School Hip Hop: High Influence

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baby Blues

Yesterday August 1st 2006, at 6pm Madelyn Claire (Maddy) was born, unfortunately by C-Section, to my sister-in-law weighing in at 6lbs. 14ozs. I would love to say that biologically she is my blood but she is not. She is not my brother's child. My older brother has been separated from his wife since October of last year. Apparently about 2 wks. after they separated she became pregnant. I'm real sad for my brother and it breaks my heart.

Since the day I met Todd, I have always imagined having a child with him. We had even talked about it and picked names. First there were names like Shawn Michael or Austin Hunter for a boy (anyone have any idea where those names came from) can't really remember the girl name. But after talking about it on more of a serious note we decided on Adam Richard and Emily Grace. Beautiful names. But I know that we won't ever have a child together. I can't and he can't. I probably could conceive by other methods, but I think it's been too long for Todd. Besides it would cost A LOT. My heart would feel more complete if he and I had a child. I see the way he is with his children. He's a good Daddy and always has been, very loving. He's good with my kids too. He's done things as a Daddy that I never had the chance of experiencing with my ex-husband like the early morning feedings, taking the children to the doctor if they needed to go, changing diapers, feeding, all sorts of things-you know-sharing the duties. I did it all by myself. And now that I have the love of my life, I can't have the bond with him that literally binds us forever. Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong but it hurts so much and God forgive me, I'm jealous that I'll never have that. I pray and pray about it-for the hurt and sadness to go away. Sometimes it does-for awhile, then it comes back. It makes it worse when someone I know has a baby. In this case my soon to be ex-sister-in-law plus Todd's younger sister is expecting in October I think. So I literally have the baby blues. It's awful to want something so bad but can't have it, but I guess I'll have to learn to live with it and just continue to pray. I don't know what else to do.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Flashback 80's Style

As most of you know, my husband, children and I have just recently moved to Walterboro, SC. During the packing and unpacking process, its amazing the things you can find again. Things that were lost are now found, clothes that once fit do not fit anymore and the photos-Oh the photos. The 80's is the decade that I grew up in. The photos from teen years are so fun. I was so alive and vibrant-so full of fun. Might I add, I was also very daring, way too cute, and flirtacious. I actually still have some of those qualities-so it's not a bad thing.

Todd is also an 80's child. I come across some old photos of Todd and his best friend Jay every once in awhile. Packing up was no different. They were hotties back then-needless to say some things never change-right guys? You still have it going on. The look they had then was way cool. To describe them would be "gorgeous".

The 80's were awesome. The look, the music, the hair, the clothes, everything about "back then" was great. I would have done anything to have known Todd and Jay during that time. I'm sure I would have clicked with them in more ways than one.

The 80's were great no matter how you look at it. We've all grown up and have moved on. Some things never change though. I still style the 80's look every once in awhile and I still love the music. The photo of me was taken in 1988. I was 15. More photos to come.

Salute to the 80's.